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Shipping September 2024

The Pillars of Circularity.

Sustainability has come to mean many different things these days. For some brands, it means using recycled materials in a product's packaging. Others go further and use some recycled or regenerative materials in their actual products or create a resale solution.

At evrloop, we are thrilled that many brands are starting to incorporate some of the sustainability pillars above, but for us, being truly sustainable means doing all of the above, and more.


Recycled & Regenerative

There have been massive leaps when it comes to the availability of recycled and regenerative materials over the last decade. We are eager to leverage them all to make first-class products that meet your needs without compromising our climate and the health of future generations.

  • Organic Cotton
  • Recycled BPA & Phthalate Free Plastic
  • Recyclable Aluminum & Stainless Steel
  • Recyclable EVA Foam


Design Out Waste

Each step in our manufacturing process is designed to minimize waste and meet strict circularity criteria. 

  • Fabric Selection & Softgoods Fabrication
  • Wasteless Manufacturing
  • Designing for Longevity


Keep Products in Use.

For hundreds of years, products have been made linearly. Finite raw materials are extracted from our earth, molded, and machined into products, that are bought, used, and finally sent to landfills.

As a circular manufacturer, we will end this wasteful process. When you purchase an evrloop product, we guarantee we will buy it back and properly recycle it into new products for a new family to enjoy.


Yes. Regardless of your product's condition, we will take it back and issue a rebate.

Yes, all Evrloop products are designed for circularity. We’ll take any evrloop product back.

At this time, returns can only be shipped to our returns processing center for refurbishment/recycling. Scan the QR code on the bottom of your product, enter your address info, and we will send you a return shipping bag and shipping label.

Make a Return

You will receive your rebate as soon as the product is received at our returns processing center. This will usually be between 5-7 days from the time of shipment.

At this time we can only reprocess and recycle evrloop products. We hope to expand our recycling solution in the future, but for now, please only return evrloop products.

Yes. The cash rebate follows the product. Your purchase can be returned at any time, by anyone, and whoever makes the return will receive the rebate.

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