Our waste problem

We have a growing waste problem that can only be solved with a holistic approach: circular manufacturing.

step 1

sustainable materials

It all starts with the ingredients. Evrloop products are made using only regenerative, recycled or recyclable materials. By using only these types of materials, we can minimize our environmental impact at the time of manufacture.

step 2

keep products in use

Most children's products last a long time but are used just a short while. We provide families a solution to return what they no longer need.

When you buy an Evrloop product, we guarantee a lifetime return credit worth 20% of your original purchase price.

When your return is received, we meticulously clean and repair it until it’s like new. We then share it with another family to be enjoyed and eventually returned again.

step 3

design out waste

Once an Evrloop product has been used or damaged beyond repair, we recycle the parts into new raw materials that are then used to make new Evrloop products. This way we ensure our products never end up in a landfill.

evrloop evrloop

Our children, our planet, our community

We are part of a growing movement led by families and driven individuals who are working towards a sustainable future. We believe circular manufacturing and ethical business are key to building the future our children deserve. Join us to support our efforts and the efforts of our partner businesses.

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Our Promise


We believe that good craft does not sacrifice form nor function, it maintains a balance of both.


We do all the work, you just enjoy a great product until your child grows out of it. Then we cycle it for its next stage.


We care about preserving the planet for generations to come. Our products are designed to be reused or recycled when they are no longer needed.